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well, here is testimony from an H&R user. i love them. all my complaints from a previous post are now gone. (i got to get rid of this crown vic suspension) the nose dive is minimized, lane shifts are stable, and the brakes feel better. Not taking anything away from the eibach setup because i am sure they would have done all i wanted too. I chose the H&R's because the spring rate was stiffer, and for the streets of d.c. i need a little more ground clearance.

Only complaint is, in the driver side fender well, the tire will rub the wheel well (plastic part) in a deep corner, how ever the only reason this happend is because FORD didnt attach that side correctly or something. the other side is fine. i have pictures but i need to scan them. the springs along with the 30mm H&R spacers makes for one mean bullitt.

Pics will be up soon!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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