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Hack the Hawk Pledge for Boys Republic

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Ladies and Gentlemen;

As you all know we at Hoondog have taken our roles raising money for Boys Republic quite seriously.

As a result the time has come to solicit pledges to hack my beloved Mohawk. Those that know, I have been sporting this "hairstyle" for some time now and if there was ever a cause to shave it off....THIS IS IT! I've attached a photo of it during the Texas Shootout last year. The colours change based on a number of factors but for this event it will inevitably be GREEN......again.

Having said that, I feel it will take a minimum of $1000.00 in pledges to shave it off and assuming we reach that goal we can determine whether to do it Friday night or Saturday at the show.

So pass this around to your friends and co worker folks, it's for a great cause!!!!

Pledges can be made through We will make all the arrangements to accept pledges. Please note on the pledge that it's for Paul's "Hack the Hawk".

Don't be shy, I'm not!!!

Oh, and the largest individual pledge can do the honours if they so choose. Otherwise we can pick a volunteer.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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