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Had my hood repainted last week

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I had spent 10 hours getting ready for a car show. 4 wheels on jackstands...bottom to top polished. The day after the show was my appointment for the hood repaint. I asked the manager not to get my engine compartment dirty...I had just polished and shined it. They took my hood off and covered my car. The hood looks better that glass. Hats off to my Dealership for their fine work!!! They have the best body man and paint man I have ever seen...and I do alot of car shows.


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Cape Canaveral Fl

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Fantastic, Fred! I'm glad they took extra care for you. How was the car show?
What dealer did you take it too?

I am VERY leery about taking my car in for service (especially paint work if needed) to ANY of the dealers in the Orlando area.

Nothing needed yet as far as service, but it would be nice to know of a good dealer withing an hours drive....
I've got a similar problem. Low on my quarterpanel is a glob about the size of a dime that appears to be part of the molding process. It's factory painted over. I don't know if they would order a whole new rear fascia or attempt to repaint the plastic.

Either way, I wonder if I'm better off just leaving it. I worry about resprays lasting as long as factory, although plastic should be OK.
04165's TB is flaking off around the hoodscoop, hopefully my dealership will make me as happy as yours. Glad to hear you're satisfied!
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