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Hair line scratches how to remove???

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Anyone know how or what to use to remove those fine scratches, the ones you see, when you look at the car just right in the sun? There must be billions of them and I would like to know how to get them out of my clear coat. I want my lovely car to be beautiful for years to come and not be ruined just because I wash it on a regular basis. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Ive had them on my black cars (swirl marks) I use 3M polishing compound. and an orbital buffer. Not a circular polisher/grinder The grinders will easily burn thru. By applying the 3M and working the buffer over the spot as it warms up it will eliminate the marks. This job takes alot of muscle and hard work. My 87 grand national 3yrs old didnot have a mark on it. Good Luck

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Go read the thread(s) about Zaino.

You will want to use Z5, swirl remover.

It works!

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