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Hallett Open Road Course Run Details

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Here is some info on the Halllet event. Cars/Drivers will be split into 4 groups based on car and driver abilities. For example if you have a race license and a race prepared car you will be in group 1. Each group will have 20 minute runs throughout the day. It is possible that you could get 3 or 4 20 minute sessions in a day.

UPDATE: Group 3 will have a pace car. This group is the stock cars. Speed will be limited to 60-70 MPH. Group 2 Modified cars is divided into A and B since it will be the largest group. No pace car or speed limit. Pass on the left only on straightaways.
Group 4 is for race prepared cars only. DON'T put yourself into this group unless you have race experience and a well prepared car.

Hallett participants need to think about installing a TOW HOOK so that if your car does have a problem it can be towed into the pits with out tearing up the body work.

It is YOUR responsibility to pick the group that fits your skill level and car ablility. I would assume that most if not all should be in group 3 or 2.

I talked with Scott Hoag and he said if you do run it would be a good idea to bring extra brake pads and if possible tires. If you run at speed the course will eat up both. It is NOT a race. It is run by gentlemen's rules. There will be certain places to pass. If a car comes up behind you it is up to you to signal them to pass. There will be NO speed traps or pace cars, you run as fast as you feel your car can safely run the course. I will post details of a racing school that MRT will be sponsoring on Wednesday and possibly Saturday. Scott said it would be a good idea to attend if you plan on running your car at Hallet.

Also the vintage and modern racing will be on Friday. So everyone should plan on heading over Friday morning. We will have a tent at Hallet for the attendees. If anyone is interested in getting garage space PM me. Members could share the space for changing tires etc.

Tech inspection includes: Battery Hold Down, Throttle Return Spring, Suspension Wear and Play, Brakes, Tires, Fluids, Radiator Catch Can, Seatbelts, Helmets, and NO LOOSE ARTICLES IN VEHICLE.

<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:p>Just to let everyone know, I have been told by Scott and Mid America personnel that one day is plenty of road course for you and your car. After one day you will be tired both mentally and physically. For anyone that ran at the 40th this course is MUCH more demanding and harder on your vehicle. It has over 80 feet of elevation change. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! :D
Please post if you are considering running.
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I am interested. Are you Greg and you OK with posting this over on the Mach 1 Registry forums?

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