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Well, its that time of year where I go back to my home town of Lawton Oklahoma from Texas and play with some stangs up there. :smile: I promise that I'll beat someone or something?. :smile: I'll continue to check the boards and post anything interesting... There is a moron in Lawton that bought a black bullitt... He's a security guard at the mall... I might recruit him into the club... But he is a moron... He told an aquaintance of mine that the Bullitt is the top of the line car, faster than the GT and Cobra. blah. Anyhow, I have an old score to settle with a 97 TA. :smile: Gotta represent the Bullitts of America.

Peace guys, and a happy holidays to each and every one of you. God Bless.

Carlos Santiago
#3753 TB Bullitt with Wings.
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