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Headlight Cleaner/Preserver

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Was at my mechanic's shop yesterday to clean up my headlights. I used the cleaner/preserver from symtech corp. It did a great job of cleaning up the lenses and restoring the clarity. However, it doesn't not get rid of the moisture on the inside of the lens (obviously).

My dilemma now is do i go with OEM headlights or the smoked/clear corner ones. I can get the OEMs for under $200. Not sure if the stock ones are any better then the aftermarkets in terms of getting moisture inside the lens.

Figured I would pass this stuff on to any of you guys looking for some decent HL cleaner. It says it is available at carquest auto parts.
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here is the link i wanted to attach, this is the stuff that i used. The Pro Series Kit.
I've given up trying to clean them up. I just get new ones every couple of years.
New OEM from Ford supposedly has a hard coating/film on the exterior of the lense that the aftermarket units do no have. Still, if they are the original spec. headlamps they will fog. I found a aftermarket coating that applied at the lube place I used for our Escort, but I wouldn't swear by them. It does have a lifetime warranty on the reapplication of the coating. Costs about $75 each headlight. Kinda high, but it is guaranteed, so it's a one time pay and good for as long as you own the car...not bad if you lamp assembly isn't fogged up.
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