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HEADS cnc machined

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Well we got our annual bonus check this week and with an income tax return coming I have decided that this is going to be my next mod. Getting our heads to flow better is going to maximize every other mod and thats why I am starting here with my first major mod. I called Powerheads today and talked with a guy named Ralph who really seemed to know his stuff. Here's a breif run down of the cost, work, and results.

Ship your heads at your expence...and for $1175 they will cnc machine the chambers and fit the head with larger valves and SVO springs (about 90lbs compared to our stock 70lbs). He said the work will allow the heads to flow 230cfm compared to 195cfm sock, and account for 35 to 40 rwhp with my stock exhaust.

So do these numbers seem reasonable to you guys? And how about the price? Also what else should I be doing at the same time to make sure this mod goes right?

I wish we had forged internals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, give up the good advice and thanks.

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Did he say where the HP peak would occur in the RPM band? What about torque? Is there any loss of low-end torque (or top-end torque, for that matter)? How big are the valves he's going to put in? And at what lift will the heads flow 230 cfm? If they won't flow 230 cfm until .700" lift, it won't do you any good with the stock cams.

$1200 for a good head porting isn't that expensive. Go onto and do a search for Joe Prince (he's the ONLY head porter I would ever use). He charges anywhere from $1200-$1800 for a set of heads (with you doing the R&R and shipping), but most of his head packages will net 50+ rwhp with stock cams and 100+ with a cam change. Well worth the money.

I studied a lot with him and his flow bench and learned that flow figures are NOT the way to port heads. Heads should be ported to velocity index mainly; flow figures are a by-product. I would question this guy on all the points I brought up, including asking him what the velocity index is at each .100" lift increment.

And the guy on the corral that does them for ~$400... I'll bet that he simply hogs out the heads and makes great flow figures, but won't pull squat worth on the dyno (until 6500 rpm) and will fall on its face at the track.

Hope this helps you with your shopping. I'm not suggesting that you use my guy (although I'm sure you'd be VERY happy with the results; e-mail/post a reply if you want his contact info), but at least if you know the right questions to ask, you'll be happier with the end results instead of wondering where your money went. :smile:

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John Lingenfelter and Nick Agostino have a lot of "happy" customers too. That doesn't mean that their methods are the best for performance.

I'm not looking to flame anybody (especially a head porter that I have no experience with). I'm just trying to educate people before they spend a lot of their hard-earned cash only to find out later that they didn't get exactly what they need/want.
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