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HEADS cnc machined

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Well we got our annual bonus check this week and with an income tax return coming I have decided that this is going to be my next mod. Getting our heads to flow better is going to maximize every other mod and thats why I am starting here with my first major mod. I called Powerheads today and talked with a guy named Ralph who really seemed to know his stuff. Here's a breif run down of the cost, work, and results.

Ship your heads at your expence...and for $1175 they will cnc machine the chambers and fit the head with larger valves and SVO springs (about 90lbs compared to our stock 70lbs). He said the work will allow the heads to flow 230cfm compared to 195cfm sock, and account for 35 to 40 rwhp with my stock exhaust.

So do these numbers seem reasonable to you guys? And how about the price? Also what else should I be doing at the same time to make sure this mod goes right?

I wish we had forged internals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, give up the good advice and thanks.

Jerseyville, Illinois USA
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That strut tower brace looks great and has to help steering and handling. I am curious why your head guys want heavier valve springs if the valves are the same weight and rpm's will be the same. I am far from an expert, but it appears to me that your mods are well thought out and balanced between engine power and handling. Keep us informed.
I hadn't asked for the specific reason for the heavier spring but would guess that Ford used the lightest spring that wouldn't comprimise performance. The heavier spring is problably in anticipation of future upgrades that might involve higher compression ratios and/or a higher reving package, insurance that their heads won't become the weak link.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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