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COuld be a number of things. A good rule of thumb for your arm position is sitting in the seat strapped in, you should be able to lay your wrists on top of the steering wheel.

The positioning in this car is awkward. I have to have the seat up a ways too, to be able to operate the clutch pedal (5'5" and 30" leg :sad: ). Pedal placement on this car isn't perfect but not bad for heel toing. I'm guessing though, that you have good sized feet to match your height which may be part of the problem.

You may want to play with trying to change the pedal height of the gas pedal. You want the brake pedal to be even with the gas pedal when you are braking so you can blip the throttle with one side of your foot.

Also, you have to practice..practice..practice.. :smile:

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