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I've always privately thought that I handle a 5 speed better than most of my friends and relatives, leading me to think that I'm pretty good with a stick shift. Since getting the Bullitt, I've read up a little on shifting techniques, and have been very humbled.
RPM Matching on the downshift is something that I've done at times, but never for the right reasons, and I had no idea it saved wear on synchros, so I'm doing that whenever I can now. As far as cornering while downshifting, I just did it as smoothly as I felt I could, not realizing that I was making sacrifices with the necessary timing of downshifting and braking.

Naturally this leads to heel and toe. Everything I've read has said that it will feel VERY awkward at first. Ok. I can accept that. But it feels SO awkward that I can't help but wonder if the pedal placement isn't as ideal for that as the marketing hype tells us it is.
I wonder if it might be that my legs are too long. I'm 6'3" with a 35=36" inseam. The shifter placement is such that I have to put the seat up as far as I can in order to feel comfortable with it's relationship to my body. If I put the seat up 1/2" more the steering wheel gets in the way of clutching and/or I an't use the left turn signal if I'm clutching.

As a result, my right leg from the knee up can't pivot much when I go to try a heel-toe, and the strain on my ankle is uncomfortably strong, resulting in a lack of control. Is this "normal" for someone who hasn't done it before? Are there alternate methods?


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