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Evening My People,

Have had 08_Bullitt #0367 since Christmas Eve, this is my third Mustang S197. Had an 06GT-07GT- and a 08Bullitt now.

Things I have noticed- Definitly More Rigid and responsive Handling- Shifter is way more secure- Break in was longer than other cars owned- have 850 miles on it now and just starting to feel low end Throttle responses-I have had a JLT2 with SCT2 on all cars and put mine on today-Way more Power than the new stock CAI. Doug at Bama stated it will flow way more air than the new Bullitt CAI

Putting Sport springs on this week- man that rear sits just too high for me.

Then cams-headers-CMVC-and DD American Racings Rims or Bullet Rims.

I am pushing for 390 or more Flywheel HP.

Still want to make it Low Key and Sleeper.

By the way I learned to drive on a 65 GT Coupe which I sold in 96. Needed everything.

Proud to be a Bullitthead.:smile:

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