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Yep! I think it looks way cool! I wish I
knew how to do that funky cool computer
gizmo stuff...but I don't. Max is a way
cool dude BTW. He and Bullittpops are going
to fly up to Cincinnati and rescue me from
...well, my own self induced insanity. :lol:

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Hey Chuckshot,
What's up! I'm glad you like the pic!, it was rather simple to do, I used an old program that came with my scanner called MGI photosuite, freeware in the $50 scanner from 2 years ago.

I went through several of them signatures until I took about 1 full hour to make this one up. Oh, I also used power point to create the image and saved it as a web page.

PY steals the show with his signature though, that is good art!

Let me know if you need help. There
s several owners over here that have very nice signatures. Fengler, Nasty, TwoStangWmn, MOLJAY, TexasBullitt, Anumis, and lots of them that I don't remember their callsigns, and then some of them add HTML to it and looks awesome, I wish I knew how to do that HTML stuff.

A Beer to you all!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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