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high elevation runs

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has any one in utah/colorado or any other state w/ elevation over 3.5k/feet ran at the track. you guys in Tx and cali are posting impressive #'s mid to high 13's. I am in utah and i am hoping i just get on the lower half of fourteen second range. what should i expect

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the Georgia F-Body club use to have a website with a "density altitude" corrector. Basically, you would input your ET, trap mph, track elevation, temperature, absolute baramoter reading, humidity, and the calculator would translate your run to 0ft density altitude.

I'm sorry to say, the site has been down for over a month now. When it comes back up, I'll link you over to it.
thanks JB
but you think i will be aobut 4 10ths slower in the quarter or a little more

3500ft compared to 0ft? Yeah, maybe .4-.5 assuming identical weather conditions.

Problem is, alot of the sea level tracks (like here in Houston) see pretty horrible weather most of the year. I ran the car to a bunch of 13.6s and 13.7s during the summer(90 degree/75% hum) with really good 1.89-1.91 60fts. I take it out in the fall(60 degree/45% humidity) and I run a 13.33.

Thats why this density altitude calculator is so cool. It factors in EVERYTHING. Just wish it was working.
Here in Amarillo we average 5000ft. Our 1/4 mi. times usually run .8 tenths slower than in Ennis Tx. which is about 200ft. Sorry but I haven't got to run mine yet , our sh*t*y track closed in August. I bought my car in Sept.Naturally. Maybe this will at least make you feel better wheen I post my et's.
We were running at 5300ft until our track closed last year. For comparison purposes I ran my 99 Saleen S281 with 10# Vortech many times and my best was only a [email protected] with 15" drag radials. Many similarly set up cars are hitting low-mid 12s at sea level. I never got the chance to run at sea level, but I question the accuracy of the correction factors. There are many other factors that aren't considered.

On the dyno, our correction factors are around 20-22% depending on weather conditions.
20-22% those were the numbers i wanted to here

thanks barnaby

I got mine to go 13.80 @ 1300ft. Thats was before I started adding all the performance goodies though.
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