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Highest Number Black Bullitt?

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Wonder what number the last production black bullitt is?
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My black Bullitt must be close to the last, at #5578.

Black#5578 born Wed 8-22-01
SteedaTri-Ax,DensChrgr100mm,MGW satin & shift handle,FordRcng3.73's & Alum.Drvshft,rear mudgrds,30mm H&R spacers rear whls,AutoLogic chip

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I would also like to know where the last production Bullitt (no matter what color it is) was delivered to. It would be great to have the very last one.
I have Black Bullitt #4241. Not close to the last but still pretty high.
The last Black Bullitt was actually the last Bullitt to run off the assy. line. #5601.
I find it odd that the first one off the line was Blue and the last one was Black. Who would have thunk it?
I LOVE to hear statistics from Mr.T as you know they are true!
Thanks Mr. T!
You are a walking Bullitt encyclopedia.
Anyone happen to know the lowest number for a black Bullitt?
Does anyone know who owns #5601? Even if we can get an idea of where in the country it might be?
Who is Mr. T?
Where does he live?
Does he work for FORD?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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