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Taking a good look at the Bullitt intake,with it's long tuned runners,it is apparent that it is tuned for low end torque,but at what if any loss above 4500 RPM. What if the design was slightly modified as such. The top air plenum removed. The tops of the curved runners opened up at top. New plenum made up to sit on top of this with 8 throttle plates,on for each runner in floor of new top plenum. Under 4500 RPM,the airflow follows the original path down under and up into the long runners,same as stock. At 4500 RPM,the eight,solenoid controled,throttle plates open,letting airflow go directly from floor of upper plenum to the curved manifold runners. This is a shorter runner length,than stock,enhancing top end power. What do you think? Variable intake manifold!Anyone like to donate their intake? For science of course!

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