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Holy cow! Shocking new best ET tonight!!!

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60ft... 1.887
330.... 5.497
1/8.... 8.517
mph.... 81.49
1000... 11.127
1/4.... 13.332
mph.... 102.19

I'm totally pumped! The weather was really good with low 60 temps and high baramoter.

The car is still stock besides a k&n and 275/40 nitto DR's. I only got in two runs, the first was 13.49 at 101.99. I can't believe how much trap speed I'm pulling for an essentially bonestock 2V modular motor.

Time to update the sig :grin: :grin: :grin:

01 Bullitt #1584
13.83 at 101.5
13.55 at 100.9 (DR's)

98 Cobra #1835
11.79 at 119

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I think you need to send copies of your time slips to MM&FF to show them how fast a stock turd can run!

Super outstanding, win a cookie! :grin: :grin: :grin:
Yes and they will want to know how did you get rid of all the extra turd weight, Congrats JB.
Great job, i cant wait for my ET Street tires and my rims to get in.. aswell as a cold air induction system, ( still trying to find it)
That's outstanding!!!

PLEEEAASE post a good .jpg of your timesligp so we can all say see: look here for a slip when people say the best a bullitt will do is 14.6. (Yes, it's been posted online in at least one place.)

If you post the timeslip scan or pic, I will put it up on the main page under
Go JB!!!!!!!!!!

Awsome Times, And to think paid $3000 extra for ONLY 5 HP :smile:
Amazing run, I don't think I've ever seen a stock Cobra go that fast.
How much better is this than stock GT? Its much better than what I've heard.
It really doesn't shock me though now that I think about it. I predicted it 2 1/2 months ago :smile:
Awesome runs, JB! :smile: I have a question, though. I ran mine Friday night, first time for car and driver, so I didn't know what to expect. I was glad just to not red light, and was very pleased with my 14.851 first ever ET. On my second and third runs, however, I heard a lot of valve noise when wide open in 2nd and 3rd, so I lifted. A friend said it was low octane pinging, since I am running 87 regular, as the owners manual suggested. What octane are you running? Did you ever hear this? It worried me since I only have 2000 miles on it. BTW, I'm hooked now, because that is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!! :smile:

What does the valve noise you refer to sound like? I think I'm having the same problem - I hear a ticking type noise at high rpms in 2nd and 3rd. Will moving to 89 octane fix that?

This "ticking" has been talked about alot. I've heard the intake somehow allows more vavletrain noise to be heard compared to the GT. I've also heard the injector noise is amplified by the intake. And of course it could be an exhaust leak. I hear this ticking in my car as well, and it never became a problem for me. My wife's GT does not make the ticking noise, but my dad's Bullitt does. I know this doesn't help much, but at least you are not alone. I don't feel it's worth taking my car in to be torn apart only to still have the noise.
I put in a tank of mid-grade 89 octane over the weekend, and it doesn't seem as bad, but I don't know if it will go away or not. The sound reminds me of my parents cars in the seventies, when they had 4 cylinder engines that weren't powerful enough to propel the cars. It's like a high rattling sound, and seemed to be only at full throttle. When I lifted a little it stopped, and I don't hear it during normal street driving.

Good runs JB. I don't know how you do it,but that is awesome performance!
I've got the same problem with ticking, at full throttle. I've been running 91+ since day one.

JB - Not too far behind you in ET's. So far my best is 13.52 at apprx. 99mph. How come your trap speeds so much higher?
Nice times J.B.
thanks for all the kind words gang! I really appreciate it.

As far as the octane and ping issue, #1584 ran fine during the summer on 87. No pinging. Ever since the weather has cooled, it's starting to ping. I have no explanation why except the cooler air must be tricking the computer into leaning it out too much. I'm actually running 93 octane right now, much to my chagrin. I'm not real thrilled, but the car is much peppier in this 58 degree weather.

Joe, as far as the high traps, I can offer a couple of theories. First, I'm not positive what elevation you're at, but Houston is as close to sea level as you can get. In fact, Houston Raceway Park is located in BAYTOWN, TX. It's a fabulous facility reknown for fast times by the NHRA. Second, #1584 is certainly above average for dyno numbers. The car is bonestock besides a k&n filter and pulled SAE corrected 241rwhp/280rwtq on Saturday, 10/27/01. You can see the results over in the dyno section of this website.

So, strong stock power + sea level track + a spotted ass ape launch = a great ET/MPH.

And one more thing before I go: I'm crossing the traps in THIRD gear. No 4th gear shift. As a matter of fact, last night was the first time I was bouncing the rev limiter right as I crossed the 1/4 line. Some great trap mph was obvious when I heard this. I had a big smile on my face as I approached the time slip booth; I knew it was going to be good :wink:
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