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Well I figured this would be the best way to get ahold of everyone in the area and start asking some questions about contractors.

First of all does anyone have Allstate as their insurance provider? I got a call on my claim this morning telling me that they can't possibly have a rep come to every claim so there asking for estimates then based off that we'll negotiate a check. Ummmm negotiate what? It's gotta be done right? There shouldn't be any negotiating correct? Maybe I just don't understand.?!

Ok I'm not using some fly by night roofing and fence company that blows into here from out of state or town!! I've been calling every company in our phone books and those numbers that I've been given by word of mouth but I'd like to know from you who you recommend? Have you got any estimates yet? Have you had someone in the past do the work and if so who and were they any good?

Good or Bad post up if you would use a certain company again or would you recommend everyone stay away from them. You know that most, not all, but most are going to take full advantage of this situation and try to retire off what they can get out of us during this time.
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