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Houston region Bullittheads..Sunday morning cruise

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Is anyone up for a Sunday morning cruise? I thought we could hit the country roads, have breakfast in Bellville, and then some other favorite roads like we discussed at our last gathering.

Who's up for it??

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I can't make a cruise Sunday morning, but I will be at HRP Sunday night. The weather forecast looks promising for cooler weather. Should be there around 6:00pm.
I would love to cruise but I have to work all weekend,have to protect our friendly skies...
Well.. JB, you are is an acceptable excuse.. :smile:

Bluebullitt.. You are definitely excused.. My salute and thanks!

I'll try posting again for another weekend and we'll see if we can all get together. An idea would be if you could email me which weekends, over the next 4 weeks, would be god for everyone.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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