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How do you keep your Mustang clean?

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Personally, knowing I would need to clean a black car was stressfull after owning three white ones. I knew I would need to change my program which ended up being alot easier than I previously thought. I started asking alot of questions and ended up needing to trust a few products I previously wouldn't have in the past. Here's my program and how I start it.
I use all Meguires products.
The paint...
I wash car with water and Meguires soft wash Gel.
Dry with "Absorber" brand towel.
Wax immediatly with Cleaner Wax (this will take away most of the "spider webs" from washing and drying it with water). I use the liquid kind with their applicator sponge keeping approx. 1/4" space from all the gaps on the entire car.
I use terry cloths to take the wax off.
I then use a "California Car Duster" to take the wax dust off of the car.
Car paint is now clean.
To maintain cleanliness...
Everyday before I drive it while the car is cool I use the duster to wipe the entire car down. This gets rid of all the loose dirt and dust and believe it or not, does not scratch.
I then use Meguires "Quick Detailer" and a special soft clotch with a foam insert (don't know name or brand but are seen in the rag section of most parts houses, will post here soon). Those are the two key elements keeping the car clean daily.
Keeping the wax on the car helps the detailer come off quickly. When it does not, time to wax (you will also feel the difference). Instructions are on the back and are simply executed. I usually apply a second coat of wax on the hood, roof, trunk and where the road debris kicks up from the rear wheels. They have a spray wax called "Quick Wax" which is not quick at all but has carnuba in it for extra protection. You will only need to wax maybe once a month. Everyday cleaning is only about 10 minutes worth (dust and quick detail) and a wax once a month. You only need to use the water method when your car is extremely dirty.
Simple, I use Windex about once a week along with the calipers.
Windex, Windshield daily. Others at least once a week.
No chemicals, I wipe with moist cloth (the absorber from above).once a week.
On the seats I use Meguires "gold class leather cleaner". It's a liquid. Once every 6 months to keep leather supple and soft. I have been using this on my wifes 4-Runner for three years and still looks brand new and soft to the touch.
I use Meguires. Most people are dead set on what they use here. Be carefull for gells. They may fling up on your car.
Vaccuum interior once a week.
Wipe down about once every week and a half with moist towels. Nothing fancy needed here, just some patience.
This works great for me and is not too time consuming. The car looks new everyday this way. Hope this helps and wax build up has been non existant. In 3 1/2 months of ownership I have washed my car twice with water (once because it rained), waxed 3 times (fourth will be this week) and thats it. What works for all of you? Let me know =) Thanks all...

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That sure seems like a ton of work. I wash mine once a week, it's covered the rest of the time since I only drive it on weekends (I have a company car).

I waxed it once with Racers Edge and drive the crap out of it when I get the chance.

That's my program...................
I live on a long gravel driveway with a big mud puddle at about the halfway point whenever it rains. If I worried that much about my car's appearance, I would be burbuling around in a funny farm somewhere. A good washing about once a week and me and my Bullitt are happy, slappy dippy dappy daily driving fools :smile:

The CatSmasher
I've only had mine for a week. So far I've just dusted it off with a car duster (must have w/ black car). Do you guys have anything to say about the car dusters?
I don't think that keeping it clean is as imprortant as getting it clean and protected. I made the mistake of not getting my finish protected soon enough (you know the 'new paint' - got to wait, woes) and have been playing catch up to get it new again since.

Biggest mistake: Washing in the sun. Water spot city and it actually damaged the paint. Now I'm using an orbital polisher to get it cleaned up. Lots of work, but I'm lucky, it's correcting the problem and really making it better than new. Next, it'll have plenty of wax and, from now on, frequent quick-detail sprayings to keep it protected.

Interiors are just time-consuming and won't get wrecked as quickly if neglected. As long as I don't hack up the plastic with guitars and amps, I can always clean it up later.

Glass can actually be problemmatic. Water spots can be a SERIOUS problem. I've read that modern glass should not be steel-wooled or it will scratch. Maybe it's softer or something. I may have to use the orbital to clean mine up also. Believe it or not, Ford actually has a TSB for remedying these problems called:
Ford "Rail Dust" Removal System as outlined in TSB 99-12-10 of June 7,1999 for Paint-iron Particle Removal-Industrial Fallout-Acid Rain Neutralization on the whole vehicle, including the vehicles glass.
Go to the following link to understand it:

Once my glass is straightened out, it'll get it's fair share of protection, too.

All this for a garaged not-quite-daily driver that won't see rain too often.

I like Meguire's product line. You know, our Bullitts are not really fine enough to go nuts about. There is only so much shine that you can get from an brand new orange rind.
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My Bullitt is garaged 99.99% of the time but I am considering having a Ming finish put on to protect the finish etc. If anyone out there has any experience with this type of product and could pass it on to me, I would appreciate it. Not sure if Ming sells their product in both Canada and the US. Thanks.
Forgot to mention that I drive 44 miles to and from work 5 days a week plus errands =) is my confession...I wish I was back living in Hawaii again. Considering it rains every $#@!&*% day car was never so clean. Here in Wyoming..I can wash it...go in to put the stuff away and come out and it is covered with dust. I am just thinking it will be cheaper to go back to HI. :smile:
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On 2001-10-23 00:59, Bullitt1853 wrote: is my confession...I wish I was back living in Hawaii again. Considering it rains every $#@!&*% day car was never so clean. Here in Wyoming..I can wash it...go in to put the stuff away and come out and it is covered with dust. I am just thinking it will be cheaper to go back to HI. :smile:

Get the car duster!!! You'll be stoked.
my bullitt's nice and dirty. got back from vegas on sunday morning and haven't had a chance to get it washed.
This is my first new car and I have had it about a month. What are you talking about when you say that you need a finish/protectant for the paint?
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