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How to by-pass the BULLITT A/C pump with different serpentine belt

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If your A/C compressor fails, or A/C clutch/pulley breaks, the A/C pulley will freeze...and your serpentine belt will break, your car will be un-drivable.
If you are out on the road and need a quick repair, you can bypass the A/C pulley with a shorter serpentine belt. Below is a pic of the altered belt path, and the belt part # from Autozone. Only tools you will need are a 3/8" drive and 10mm socket...the 10mm to undue the tension pulley unit to slip the belt behind and underneath the pulley, and the 3/8" drive to take up the slack on the tension arm to position the belt (the tension pulley arm has a 3/8" drive hole).
For $13, this might be cheap insurance to carry this in the trunk if you have a high mileage car and it breaks while out in the middle of no-where. It takes less than 5 minutes to repair and get you running again.

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Sorry for your troubles Brad...sounds like a coil going out.
At least the bypass will buy you some time and keep you on the road.

Hard to believe that 3230 was such a high mileage car back in 2004...but...she was!
Not sure how long the stock belt is actually, but the bypass is approx 76"
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