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How's the weather in Virginia look for the weekend?

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I have tickets to the Miami-Virginia Tech game. Still not sure I'm gonna go at all, I really don't have the money. But if I do, I had considered driving the Bullitt if the weather looks ok. Another concern is parking it. I don't know how comfortable I will be as a Hurricane fan parking amongst Hokies and maybe some drunk Hokies :grin:

I have relatives in Halifax county and the Lynchburg area, so I would probably be there through Monday. Let me know what you hear about the weather.
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Im not far from Lynchburg about 30 min north of me Im in Gretna Va
My aunt was a teacher in Gretna :smile: She lives in Republican Grove. My uncle had a store in Volens and my grandmother still lives there too.

So, what's the weather looking like?

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I am in the Richmond area. The weather is supposed to be clear,but cool,50's here.
Excellent :smile: I still don't know if I can bring myself to take the Bullitt.
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