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Hypertech power programmer III

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Has anyone tried or looked into the power programmer III from Hypertech? I saw it in the Mustang & Fast Fords magazine. Looked better than burning a new chip unless you want to go all out. The price is high, about $500. Any thoughts?
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$500?? Sounds high. Someone I talked to locally had gotten a price of around $400. FYI - I bought a Hypertech chip for my previous Mustang, a '95 GT, and although I work for AutoZone corporate, my discount did not apply because it is not a stocked item, but we do carry them - vender direct product - ordered on an as-needed basis. I still saved about $125 over retail. So check with your local AutoZone - you might save a bundle and help keep my paychecks coming! :smile:

There have been discussions on this board before and the guys wanted more control over the mod than Hypertech was willing to give them. I live not far from Hypertech here in Memphis and have met them and even had a personalized tour. Some great guys to deal with if this is the type of mod you are looking for. I personally am happy with what I've got and don't plan on adding the power programmer. If you call them, ask for Sean White, I believe his name is.
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