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Hypertech power programmer III

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Has anyone tried or looked into the power programmer III from Hypertech? I saw it in the Mustang & Fast Fords magazine. Looked better than burning a new chip unless you want to go all out. The price is high, about $500. Any thoughts?
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I just read on the Diablo website that they are now testing software that will allow the end user to tune their chip with a loptop ala LS1Edit for GM's. They didn't say when it would be available but I think I'm going to wait and go that route. Powerprogrammer seems cool, but I'm too much of a tinkerer for as limited and pricy as their product is.
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On 2002-03-07 21:36, DrivingSimulators wrote:

Laptop programmability sounds like the way to go.

Check out
I emailed them and asked if they had any plans to do a product for Fords. They said they had their hands full keeping up with GM. I would imagine that won't be the case for long with the demise of the F-bodies. Only so many truck and Vette owners will tinker with this sort of thing. I would think it just makes good business sense for them to apply their expertise to the modular 4.6 market.

Hurry up Diablo!
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