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Hypertech Power Programmer

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I called the company and spoke with a tech.

Me: What do you mean by engine tunning?
Them: This allows you to optimize the engine performance.

Me: So I could modify my mixture and timming?
Them: Yes if you turn on engine tunning.

Me: Turn it on? So this is a off/on feature not something I can customize?
Them: Yeah, either you turn it on or off.

Me: So there is only one setting and it is not adjustable?
Them: Thats correct.

Me: Do you see your company producing a device that will allow me to adjust the mixture and timming manually?
Them: No, that would give too much control to the customer and create too much liability

Me: Okay, one last question. On your web page the term "Dual Fuel" is used what is this and why can a Crown Vic have it but not a mustang?
Them: This allow you to use lower grades of gasoline to make driving less expensive.

Me: Thanks, bye bye now.

So in conclusion; for $300 you get a chip that is either on or off and allows you to change the gear/tire size. Not too bad but I would image there are better chips on the market, and I personally refuse to pay $300 for preset mixture and timming settings.
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Not sure about the Flexible Fuel but either way it's not an option for mustangs of any kind, Bullitts, Cobras, GTs
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