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I get no respect...

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I took #2832 in for my free oil change at the dealership yesterday. I had to wait 20 min. to get it in so I was just looking at cars in the lot. When I went back to the waiting room my car was on the hoist and the guy had just started draining the old oil. I'm just kinda watching him. He changes the filter, lowers my car and then grabs the oil gun. Just before he starts filling her up I stick my head out the door and say, "You're putting 5W20 in there, aren't you?" He rolls his eyes at me and lumbers back to a closet, hauls out a box of qts of 5W20 and starts pouring 'em in. If I hadn't been paying attention I would probably have had 10W30 in there. Maybe it would be OK, maybe not. Did he do it because he thought I wouldn't know the difference or was he just lazy? Either way, I doubt I'll be changing my oil there ever again.:mad:
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morons even work at ford... personally when i dont/cant change my own i fgo to a lube joint with a pit where I drive it in. I give them MY oil and filter and wind up paying only 10-14 in labor , I get what I want, no one drives her, nad it isnt on a lift..
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hey speaking of no repsect......

when i was born the dr slapped my mother...

i wasn't breast fed, she said we were just friends...

my father walked around with a picture of the kid that came with the wallet...

the cat used to bury me in the litter box...

oh halloween when the kids came to the door they gave me candy....

i went to the dr., told him when i woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror i got sick...he said there was nothing wrong with my eyesight...

I get no respect I tell repect at all ,,,,,,,,,, god bless rodney d.

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Hey-It ain't easy bein' me. :smile:. Hubby is a big Rodney fan. Thx for the laugh, Texasbullitt.
Why is everyone using 5W20??? I thought it was 5W10 or even 0W10 Synthetic.
5W20 is what Ford recommends. Others may have their own ideas. I know as much about fixing cars as I do about fixing computers so I go with Ford's recommendation although I will be using synthetic from now on.
tracy, NICE PIC!!!
your baby looks good!
Thanks, Mystang! :grin:
oh yeah. I figured it out. lol. I used to be a lube tech. Damn, I'm so far behind these days. lol. Does Mobile make 5W20? I only ran Mobile Synthetic in my v-6 so... HELP ME OUT!!!

Lots of Laughs. Laterz

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LOS, there's been much discussion of oil & additives. :smile:

Seems like most people are having a hard time finding 5W20 Synthetic. There are rumors of Castrol Syntec 5W20, but I don't know if anyone here has found it yet. I think that someone said that Mobil said they have "no plans" to make synthetic 5W20, but I could be remembering that wrong. It surprises me, if so. I put Amsoil 5W20 synthetic into my baby.

Here's some of the discussions if you are interested.


5W20 Synthetic Availability

Discusssion of additives with discussion of 5W20 spec

More Oil Discussion
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Their profit margin on the bulk oil is higher than individual quarts. The service techs get rated, raises, and paid based on the amount of profit they generate for the service department. I'd find a good lube shop and talk to the folks working there. Developing a godd working relationship with them will do wonders. Since Ford doesn't, and can't legally, require that servicing be performed only by the dealers, it's worth the effort.

Besides, a lot of the techs at the little shops are gearheads and appreciate cars like the Bullitt.
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