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I got a COBRA R

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Yup a nice shinny red one.. what a machine........ Ok it is a replica. I always get the dealer to through something in before we sign the deal. But when I bought the Bullitt the parts shop was closed. So when I was in today I hit up the salesman. In the parts shop they had a real cool Cobra R replica... SO he gave it to me. I am going to put it in my office at work. I wish they had a Bullitt Replica....

THen get this.. The salesman called me later today and told me to come in and he will give me 10 gallons of free gas if I complete the survey in his office..

I was going to give him all excelletns anyways but 10 gallans of gas dosent hurt.....

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So, FIve-Oh, how can I find out what dealers in my area are certified. I purchased #1934 from my father's work in VA, but have had nothing but bad experiences with area ford dealers where I currently live in PA during the 3 years I've been here. I want to feel comfortable about going wherever I eventually go for service...


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