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I got owned tonight

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Ok, my very first street race and I got whooped. I really wasn't surprised though. Here's the situation:

Hop off of the interstate to see how fast I can get on a 2 lane guys got me interested. I come up behind an R1 (Yamaha Sportbike, very nice) doing about 60 in a 55. I pass him of course, and get up to about 80. Next thing I know he's gaining on me real quick. I drop it back down to 4th and floor it. At around 135mph there are no cars coming towards us, so he blows by me. Had to be doing 150-160, I only got up to about 145 total. I gave him a nice thumbs up, but I hope he wasn't looking at me as he flew by I do want one of those bikes (Hayabusa is ugly IMHO).

The moral of the story: Don't race 1000CC sport bikes =)

Er, nevermind, do race em just expect to lose.
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I think 145MPH is the fastest I've heard for the Bullitt. How did it handle? BTW Even a 600cc sportbike will hand you your A$$. Many of today's sportbikes turn 0-60 times way below 3 seconds.
I hate when I get owned.
Or my a$$ handed to me.
Well, it's a lot louder at 140+ than even 130. I didn't turn the wheel even slightly, scared the crap outta me. I couldn't really tell you how it handled. It didn't feel extremely light or anything.

Wifey sure gave me a dirty look when I told her =)
Wifey gave you that look probably because you didn't win! No, really, she was probably concerned for your safety and was upset that you were going soooo fast! Now me, I would be mad that I wasn't able to be in the car with hubby when he takes someone on! :smile: I LOVE it!
I asked if she wanted to try it but she said NO!
Oh great....I was expecting that some little fart in a Honda Civic with 3 squirels and 2 rubber bands beat you or something....but not a sport bike.

No contest!

Don't race another one!


Paul G.
I don't race hondas, they are not worthy. Well, maybe if the driver is a hottie...but just for fun then.
I think you're nuts! We read about folks like you in the newspapers who kill themselves on the streets driving like maniacs -- or worse, kill someone else. You want to drive like that, go to a track. You'll be doing yourself a favor and the rest of us as well.
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On 2001-08-08 16:40, Bullet wrote:
I think you're nuts! We read about folks like you in the newspapers who kill themselves on the streets driving like maniacs -- or worse, kill someone else. You want to drive like that, go to a track. You'll be doing yourself a favor and the rest of us as well.

I think I would have to agree...
I drive crazy, and I'm nuts. But you won't see me at a 140.... _________________
Jimmy Ray and Kay
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Can't drive 55 cus' its a waste of car...not responsible if your driving 140...can we settle for..oh..say..100 on open and empty roads??

But seriously, we are all a little crazy but we are also responsible when we floor it. Its got to be a safe situation, no traffic, kids, unsafe weather conditions, etc. Otherwise you might as well drive into a pole and get it over with. Heck, we even got police owning these cars and talking about it in here! WE enjoy our cars for what they can do and what they are...HOT!!
While I agree that 145 was pretty stupid, I really think it's more dangerous driving around in a neighborhood at 50mph like sooooo many people do. There is basically no chance that some kid is going to come running out of his house and jump in front of me on a highway. I wasn't passing anyone, there was no oncoming traffic. The only people in danger were me and the biker, and I'll accept that. We slowed down to the speed limit as soon as there were cars in sight. (In central illinois you can literally see for miles).

But yes, it was pretty stupid and it's not something I regularly do or plan to do again. The fastest I've gone otherwise was 110 in my old 85 GP. Now THAT was scary. Just gotta test it out once.

Not to change the subject, but what gear do you guys do your high speed tests in? I tried 4th and 5th, both seemed to work ok. 5th took longer, but got me up a bit higher.
With my 3.73's I maxed out 4th (i.e. 6000 rpm) and had to use 5th. I shifted to 5th just near 6000 and my car pulled all the way to 148 mph before I had to back off. I know there is more but I'm waiting for either my trip to Germany or the open track day here later this August.
No flame, just a heating pad here. If there was no one else on the road but tlatoani and the person he was racing... well, it's his life, and regardless of how you feel about the racing, it's still his life. And what a waste it would be to buy a Bullitt (or any V8 Mustang) and drive it slowly.... For that he could have saved some cash and gotten a V6. Or better yet a Honda.

Hey I aggree, I'm to much a wuss to see a 140, If I can't spank quickly, I don't spank.
Oh-Ive gotta get in on this one!I have to say that those that admonished this guy that was racing the sportbike have valid points,but not entirely.Nothing is black and white,everybody is not the same.Some people in the proper place with a situation as not to endanger others(i.e. hgh traffic)but themselves,I cant say that it was inherrently wrong.I have noticed several Police Officers on this sight,as I was for over 10 years.These Officers are trained for pursuit driving and as a rule they know real close as to the limits of their vehicles and themselves as drivers.This is why they the majority of the time catch their prey.I also have raced Sportbikes and know pretty close as to their limits and mine as a rider.I was in a similiar situation with a young kid wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a similar sportbike that still had a temporary tag.He was passing cars on the left shoulder approaching me from behind at a high rate of speed.I was traveling at 75mph.As he approached me I downshifted into 3rd and said to myself oh no you dont!As we approached 115mph he pulled alongside me as we were going accross a bridge I could see that he was getting what I term as high speed wobbles because of the wind and the short wheelbase of the bike.I kept going tp 135mph as I pulled him.I was prepared to back out if he did not,but he did.Luckily he learned his lesson as he neared the limits of himself and his bike.Moral,have fun;know your limits.
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