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Oh-Ive gotta get in on this one!I have to say that those that admonished this guy that was racing the sportbike have valid points,but not entirely.Nothing is black and white,everybody is not the same.Some people in the proper place with a situation as not to endanger others(i.e. hgh traffic)but themselves,I cant say that it was inherrently wrong.I have noticed several Police Officers on this sight,as I was for over 10 years.These Officers are trained for pursuit driving and as a rule they know real close as to the limits of their vehicles and themselves as drivers.This is why they the majority of the time catch their prey.I also have raced Sportbikes and know pretty close as to their limits and mine as a rider.I was in a similiar situation with a young kid wearing shorts and a t-shirt on a similar sportbike that still had a temporary tag.He was passing cars on the left shoulder approaching me from behind at a high rate of speed.I was traveling at 75mph.As he approached me I downshifted into 3rd and said to myself oh no you dont!As we approached 115mph he pulled alongside me as we were going accross a bridge I could see that he was getting what I term as high speed wobbles because of the wind and the short wheelbase of the bike.I kept going tp 135mph as I pulled him.I was prepared to back out if he did not,but he did.Luckily he learned his lesson as he neared the limits of himself and his bike.Moral,have fun;know your limits.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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