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I got spanked by a Z28

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Last night on my way to a friends I had a Z28 chase me through traffic. We got next to each other going about 50 and both stomped on it. We were neck and neck until we had to slow for traffic. At the next light we ended up next to each other with the road clear in front of us. One of the two passengers in the Z28 asks if I want to go for it at the light. The light turns green and we both take off. We didn't spin the tires, but we both were hard on the gas. We both nailed second. We were neck and neck midway through second then he just pulled away. He pulled hard on me from mid way through second. By the time I shifted to third he was 5 to 6 car lenghts ahead of me. That car was damn fast!!!! I got next to him at the light and we were talking. I told him there was no way that thing was stock. He had three people in the car and he pulled away from me easily. He kept saying it was stock and he would lift the hood and so on. I kept pressing him and he finally admitted the only thing he had done was put a straight through exhaust on it. I think there was more, but he wasn't admitting it. His car pulled like he was easily pushing 350HP. I would venture a guess that even with the weight he had in the car he could have pulled a low 12 second high 11 second quarter mile. His car was that fast!

I gave him a compliment and went on my way. I had to respect how fast his car was. I can appreciate any car that moves like that.


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the worst part is knowing the you can not get rid of him. man i hate that feeling.

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