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I have some short Vids of drive bys with my MAC O/R H Pipe.. can anyone host them???

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Me and my buddy made some short vids of the bullitt doing some drive bys and burn outs yesterday. THis is so you guys can hear what the Mac O/R H pipe sounds like. But I do not have anyhwere to host them. Can anyone help me out. He should have them done today or tommorow. They will be like a meg a piece... thanks Doug

home email: [email protected]
work email: [email protected]
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I will email them to you.. should have them tommorow or so...

can any one host them for me.. I would for you all to hear and see the H pipe and bullitt in action.... thanks Doug
I should be able to host them for you. E-mail me and I can either set you up a FTP to shoot them off to, or if they're under 2 meg you can just e-mail them to me.
[email protected]
You guys have mail.. or it will be there shortly. Blakwig if you could post a link to them when you host them it would be mucho appreicated. THanks for posting them. This will give you guys an idea what the Mac O/R H pipe sounds like.


Can't wait! Any sound the Bullitt makes I will love!
Blakwig did you get the vids?????

IF not.. if you guys want to email me at work, I will email them to you directly, being we have T 1 at work....

email request at [email protected]


You know I'm gonna have to start charging you to put junky Fords on my video camera right?
So let me guess, VW_Fiend is the "friend" who helped you video the car eh? :wink:

VW_Fiend, I have a hunch you might like this post:


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Yup, that was me. Been meaning to flip Learo some crap on his home turf for a while. Seem to be missing the link. And hey, at least I'm not a ricer.

Edit: never mind, links showing now. Mark one up for the good guys. :wink:
VW's will rule the world!!!!

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Hey, "Friend of a BullittHead" is cool. At least you helped him video tape the thing. :smile:

Lord knows he couldn't figure it out himself.
VW Fiend,

How big of a VW Fiend are you?

I work on VW advertising and could put you on our list for VW stuff.

I'm a pretty big water-cooled fan. I have an appreciation of the air-cooled stuff, but it's really not my cup o' tea. I'd be very appreciative of any info you could throw my way.
So VW Geek do you have a link to the vids or what???? they did not come on your last post. Thanks

Just email me your info and
I'll get you on the seed mailing list.

And, if you really are a geek, take a look at and let me know what you think.
Thanks Bullitt220, if you just need an email address you can send info to [email protected]

Here's a (somewhat crappy) link to two of Learo's vids. For somereason if I link to the videos directly you'll get a 404 error. So I'll link to my main directly and you can click on the two files separately. Just ignore the geeky Asheron's Call images.

vids are exhaust.wmv and run3.wmv
Nice sounding exhaust and a great video of the burnout.
added a couple more vids

still use

and click on run1.wmv or shortrun.wmv
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