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I hope this never happens to us!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(Best ET to date 13.73 my Bullitt is stock other then Nitto DR's)

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Not to scare anyone, but we are at 21.15 gigs of bandwidth used for the month of January so far, and I think we are at (roughly) 160 megs of storage (not sure why the Buick site needs so much disk).

If this ISP I am using ever folds, I'm screwed (I negotiated decent rates with them)... :nerd:

As far as the Buick site not wanting to have advertising, I agree with them in principle, but it is almost imposible to keep a site floating without some sort of advertising revenues. The donations and out-of pocket payments just can't keep up with the growth (usually).

It does appear that they have some good news now (see the new post on there from the admin).



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Again, I want to get us to an advertising model (not too invasive, no pop-ups, etc), but I just need some vendors to step up. :smile:

I replied back to one vendor with some costs (which I thought were reasonable based on # of pageviews), but I haven't heard back. I hope I didn't scare 'em off. :wink:


The pay here at BullittClub is about
- $5,000 (that's negative :wink:) a year if you count the time invested to keep things going.

I have to admit, it easy to get burned-out, but I take a step away, do something else for a day or so, and then always come back! :smile:

If I didn't enjoy doing it, I wouldn't! :nerd:
I have a day job.

And if I didn't, bullittclub wouldn't be here, because it doesn't even pay its own bills, let alone mine! :lol:

Its okay, its for love, not for money. :nerd:
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