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Last week the employees of our company were given access to x-plan. I e-mailed the local dealer and asked if I could get x-plan and the rebates together and they said yes, no problem. The short of the story is that I recently bought a used chevy s10 truck which was ok but not a real fun ride in order to keep the miles off the Bullitt. I was also looking for something that gets good gas mileage. I ended up driving a black ZX3 and it's a blast to drive. Much more fun than an s10 chevy. 5.0 Mag. did a test of this car vs a stripper Mustang last month.
Needless to say I traded the s10 and got x-plan and a $1500.00 rebate. The car is loaded with options and I ended up paying less than $14000.00 out the door.

No it's not a Bullitt but a very fun car to live with and drive on a day to day basis.

Yes Bob, when it came down to it there was no way I could trade the bullitt. It was the truck that was bothering me. The Bullitt will stay and stay collectable.

On another matter I was able to find a stack of twin tower 2002 Mustang Brochures. My sales rep let me have them. I am not proud to have them but I do. I may share with those who want one for tributes sake.

Anybody got a coffee can :smile:

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i wouldn't mind having a brocher... i would like to put it with my art coming from whisky... let me know so i can get you a sase to you so you can send one back

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