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I know why LS is full of fools.

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The majority of people here seem to be older and by that I mean about 27 and up. I know that there are younger people on this site and at 22 I am one of them. The point here is that most junkaro and ugly bird owners are 18 years old and seem to think that leaning the back seat into the trunk while driving and putting your hat over your eyes is a great idea. That is why most of them post crap about Mustangs. However since that market segment has no money that is why the car was discontinued. Yeh.......Yeah.

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Well there is this guy,down the street,with a new TransAm,with the license plate"I8ACBRA" So I can assume he includes all Mustangs. Maybe have to teach him a lesson one day,with the red car!
Yep that's the one....been tuning it for 16 yrs. now!
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