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Ok, i am sitting at the metro station waiting for my girl to come off the train. I am waiting for about an hour just sitting in the a/c listening to some cd's when i notice people looking at the car and pointing as they walk past. I am loving all of it behind the tinted windows. little kids are telling their fathers "look daddy, thats cool" fathers are pissed getting into their family vans hahahahaha.

a little before she comes out, i notice a guy walking towards the car kind of slow, walking in a awkward maner. he walks around to the back of the car and makes his way to my window. i look back and he is motioning for me to put the window down and when i do he said, "man, what the hell kind of mustang is this." i go on to tell him that this is the bullitt and it is a limited production unit. he tells me that his buddy has a rousch and it is pretty fast, but this looks awesome. he said it was quiet and that actually hurt my feelings. (i am searching for all the info between X's and H's before i wake up the motor.) he left saying "damm, that looks good."

also, people love the brakes! i get stares, and comments about those all the time!!!!

way to go ford
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