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I think it is time for a GTG in mid Florida

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before it gets too hot, some Saturday or Sunday, what about a GTG somewhere maybe between Orlando and Lakeland or maybe off 27.. what do you think?
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so far, it is you, me and NightSnake on board.......
we will have to time it for when you are off!!!
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I need to get one of those also. may just go to Craigslist.....
ok, so that's it?????? just the 4 of us?
...for sure.....prior to the heat wave!!!!!!!!!
not sure what he is planning, but probably somewhere in between is best for all.
works for me!!!!
maybe we can get Brad to come out too.
My purpose in posting this was, I would like to just have maybe a short cruise or none and GTG for lunch and time to just "chew the fat" with "the guys". Preferably on a Saturday unless later in the afternoon after Church on a Sunday.
I say we plan for next Saturday, maybe in Lakeland somewhere.
true, why I picked saturday. if not, no biggie, we can pick another day.
agreed, I think this weekend is out. maybe next. doesn't seem to be that much interest.
something has come up for this weekend and now for the next several, will be tied up with the cutlass, so will have to postpone for awhile....sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all is good. will keep you up to date!!!
doubt it, but we shall see.
shall we resurrect this? any interest?
1 - 20 of 80 Posts
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