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I think it is time for a GTG in mid Florida

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before it gets too hot, some Saturday or Sunday, what about a GTG somewhere maybe between Orlando and Lakeland or maybe off 27.. what do you think?
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before it gets too hot, some Saturday or Sunday, what about a GTG somewhere maybe between Orlando and Lakeland or maybe off 27.. what do you think?
sounds fantastic my friend..
i will be home tomorrow night I am in Kennesaw this week... driving past Summit tomorrow on the way home. may stop to get a helmet for nationals this year we shall see..
I need to get one of those also. may just go to Craigslist.....
I need to figure out what size I need for my big melon..:grin2:
ok, so that's it?????? just the 4 of us?
no matt is good to get together as well. but he has been very busy with his 90 and getting her ready for the MCA show this weekend. he said he may have a couple places in the area we could tour then grab lunch. I will talk with Brian but he should be good depending on the weekend. and will check with a few more Bullittheads to see if they can make it. and maybe I can get my mopar brother to come along
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Which Sat or Sun. you talking about? I do know I cant make it on Sun. the 24th.
we are not sure what weekend but it does need to be soon..
Matt is trying to put something together for the second Saturday in May. remember we have Sebring the end of may... hope to see everyone soon....
he has a place in Lakeland and Bartow he is trying to get something done with will know more later. if not just a get together and lunch and pic of all the cars...
maybe we can get Brad to come out too.
I talked with Brad and he may be able to attend depending on the day. we shall see I have his number to keep him posted.
Just got a message form Matt, he wants to see the interest for a get together on the 15th for a charity mustang event n Tavares. anyone interested. it is a sunday according to the date.
My purpose in posting this was, I would like to just have maybe a short cruise or none and GTG for lunch and time to just "chew the fat" with "the guys". Preferably on a Saturday unless later in the afternoon after Church on a Sunday.
sounds good to me...
Remember next Sunday is Mother's Day. Does anyone have any issue with that.
I'm good for next Saturday
I am not sure about anyone else Tim other than Brian who can not make it. There is a Mopar show in Geneva Saturday from 10 to 2 but that is no where near you. it is at the Horsepower Farm. Let me know your thoughts and I will try to get with Matt and Brad about Saturday but I think Matt is a vendor at the Mopar event. will check.
I think we should plan for Saturday the 14th for a get together for lunch in Lakeland somewhere. We just need to pick a place. Everyone let me know what you think.
agreed, I think this weekend is out. maybe next. doesn't seem to be that much interest.
then there will be 3 of us... LOL
OK who is up for a get together this Saturday the 14th in Lakeland?
I think so far it is
MurderSnake, NightSnake and Myself.
Who else can make it for lunch
Ok keep me posted. Hope all is well
Hopefully you can make it out for Saturday the 28th out in sebring. Brian and I should be there, maybe Matt. And I know Bill should be on the track running his Bullitt..
Yea I am up for it when.
what does everyone think of next Saturday June 4th...
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