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I want it loud

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I want my car to be LOUD, I know I could go with the off road x pipe, withc would be fine, because I dont have to worry about car inpsection, but then there is the chance of ol barney being super cop. Plus I dont plan on being in the military for every. I read the post about Jays being heard from a half a mile away. is it really that loud. Any sugestions are welcomed
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It's loud, but not obnoxious. I like really loud exhaust too, but there is a fine line between loud exhaust, and driveability. I'm sure that 2-chamber or 1-chamber Flowmasters would be a lot louder than mine, but I couldn't live with that considering the highway miles I drive. I saw one post on here that someone had an off-road pipe and straight pipes, no mufflers!! Talk about loud... It really depends on what you want, Travis, and what you are willing to live with. My choices met both criteria for me, but I'm not you. I'm going to try and record mine and post a sound clip soon.
IMHO, the 5.0L engines have a noticeably different sound than the 4.6L. Just don't expect to get the exact same sound with the same pieces.
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