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I want Ram Air for my Bullitt

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The concept Bullitt had a functional scoop. It seems like it could be incorperated into our air intake system, is it too far feched that someone will produce a Ram Air kit for the Bullitt?
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Old news for me,but new for the newbies! A while back,I was talking with KarKraft,about their system for the 99-2001 GTs. They finally said that the Bullitt intake is so much different,that the GT ram-air kit won't fit. They did not have any plans to make,or alter it to fit the Bullitts. I just opened up my scoop to let cooler air take the heat off the manifold itself. I am also using Densecharger cold air setup.
Mus408 I was thinking of doing the same. I'm planning on buying a extra hood, drill out the honey comb and cut out under the scoop. Was wondering, does the top of the engine get dirty or overly dusty from the fresh air coming in. Plus after opening it up, was it worth it or just leave it alone?

Well,I haven't noticed any dramatic increase at the strip,but it can't hurt. Did find a large bug splattered on the firewall one time,,so it must be getting some air in! You may want to have a way of sealing it up,in case of rainy weather. I don't drive mine in the wet,so no problem for me. But it is nice to see that it is open and functioning. I removed the honeycomb piece completely.Then you have to cut out the back area where the honeycomb insert was attached. Then cut out the old GT scoop area.You need to remove the hood pad and scoop to do this. You also need to make a center support piece to stabilize the scoop.
Mus408 thanks for the info. I like the scoop, reminds me of my 69 & 70 Mustangs but it annoys the crap out of me that it is non-functional.
MUS408 -- Got pics of this online anywhere? It would be good to SEE how gory the process is before actually jumping in.

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