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I just ventured forth into a previously unknown to me, section of this site the dreaded FAQ section.I felt like I had stumbled into AREA 51.After reading for about 5 minutes my mind went blank and I experienced temporary blindness. When I was in grammer school we didn't even know that there was a metric system ,let alone know how to use a computer,because there weren't any. I purchased my first computer in 1997 and I still can't even understand the book Windows 95 for Dummies of which I consider myself to be a prime candidate!After my sight sort of came back .I went to the frig to get a Coors Lite and was still so disoriented that I grabbed a can of prune juice and gulped it down by mistake. So not only did I not get the needed buzz that I was looking for, but more than likely I will be on the bowl all night regretting that I was foolish enough to go into that computer neverland called FAQ.Black Bullitt #1768
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