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If you had to pick the best tire for road handling and ride.....

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an traction.What would it be?

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Nitto 555 Extreme Radials for best dry and wet; BF Goddrich G-Force KD's for best dry. That's what I use, anyway.
BFG G-force KD's all the way! They are the best!
Yep from what I have read and heard here,they seem to be the best. However,for me,it would be nice to stay with Goodyears to match the front. Any info on the Goodyear GS-C in 275x40x17 size. I know they won't compare with the other tires mentioned.
Of the tires I have used on current and previus Mustangs:Goodyear VR45, Yokohama AVS intermediate, Yok A520, Pirelli P7000, Dunlop SP8000 and Michelin Pilot Sports. The MIchelins were superior to anything on my list. Wet, dry, straight line, corners. The only thing that makes them less desirable is the price. I was out around $1700 for all 4 with road hazard.
The Goodyears are greasy (=up in smoke). Buy the KDs if you want a serious tire.
the best 2 tires i've ever had were the Michelin Pilots (can't remeber which one but is was the all weather one) and the Dunlops SP Sport 5000's that came out in winter of 99.
i'm speaking strictly of Ultra high performance ALL WEATHER tires though!
larry, if you go to Tire racks website you get to compare any and all tires you want. sizes, pretty accurate and unbiased wet and dry performance, tolerances, etc! they even puiblish coments from owners AND publish the bad comments too when someone hates a tire!!
I have to say Goodyears.

But they just gave me a job!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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