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IMBOC Nationals 2008

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Just a heads up to IMBOC concerning coverage of Mustang Week and Bullitt Owners National Event at Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Some of the coverage including a IMBOC group shot I took for the magazine made it to print. The December issue of Mustang Enthusiast Magazine has the shot and highlighted the IMBOC event from my submission.

I have hundreds of pictures from the week, Planet Hollywood, Hooters, Myrtle Beach Raceway, Darlington Dragway and Colonial Mall. For the group of owners that took part in the private photo shoot near Ocean Blvd let me say "thanks" and that event is being pitched as a possible feature story.

Who would be interested in a one of a kind special CD from the event at a reasonable price? Now that Mustang Enthusiast Magazine has released the pictures back to me I can share them with IMBOC. The unique thing is that I'm one of you. 2008 Bullitt #4699 with 300 miles on the odometer.

If you get Mustang Enthusiast take a look at page 56 in the October issue. A special story and really cool 66 King Cobra!!!

Al Rogers
Freeze Frame Image
[email protected]
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Bullitt 736 said:
Cool!!!!! I would be inetersted.
Is that anything like "interested" Charles? :lol:
What a great memory of the Nats.

Count me in.
Hi Al,

Congratulations on getting published and your Bullitt! Did the shot of the '68, '01, and '08 Bullitts in the parking lot make it in the magazine? My car was in that shot.

BigBullitt said:
Is that anything like "interested" Charles? :lol:
Sounds more intelergent! :lol:
Thanks Ken,
It's something that's being worked on for a later time. The magazine is 12 months out right now with feature stories in the works on my end. Not only Mustang Enthusiast Magazine but all AMOS group publications. Check out the November issue of Muscle Car Enthusiast Magazine for something really special starting on page 32.

Al Rogers
Send me an email at [email protected] for the information needed to view a collection of pictures from Myrtle Beach.

Al Rogers
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