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Important Nationals Registration Info

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As a reminder Bullitt Nationals events will be separate from the Mid America events. In order to attend Mid America events i.e. the road course all three days, the drag racing and the Sunday car show you MUST register with the Mid America event using the registration form on the Mid America web site. If you preregister you save money. If you want to participate in the Open Track register early. It fills up quickly.

Event Registration - $35 per person access to all events including Cruise in Thursday evening.

Road Course Open track Fees - Thursday and Friday $135, Saturday $145

Drag Racing - $35

Car Show Sunday Free with registration
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PhotoRick said:
Shouldn't there be Bullitt Nats registration and a Bullitt Nats schedule of events info in this sticky area? I see threads for Mid America but where is our info?

I agree!! step by step instructions for those of us who are PC TARDS!!

I think I registered.
No car. Only me. I paid $6.99. On Bullittnationals .net

What else tdo I need to do??

I would love a T-Shirt. What do I need to do??
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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