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In memory of Fred Cardone...

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I thought I would start a thread to show if anyone had any thoughts or memories of Fred.

I'll start with a small one. I talked to Fred one time on the phone, when he was starting to make the jackets and such, and he wanted to have an advertising link on the main page. I don't remember the converstaion verbatim, but I remember that Fred was one of the most energetic guys I have ever talked to from IMBOC, :smile: and was VERY excited about the car, the website, and the people here.

In addition, Fred was the first person (that I am aware of) to identify the location of the second sticker. I may still have the email he sent me on it, asking what he thought we should do. :smile: See this thread for more info..

Say hi to Steve for us Fred.
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No Way!! I'm at a loss for words. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I new he recently had surgery.

RIP-Fred. :sad:

Thanks Mike,

Fred we will miss you and hopefully you have a Bullitt at your new home! Maybe you can take Steve for a ride in it and show him the Shirt you got from Nick (Mr. T)

We will miss you man and our best wishes to your family!

Bud with tear in his eye ;-(...
I wrote this on the other post but just felt that it should be included here too. I would expect that THERE WILL BE MORE THAN ONE TOAST IN FREDS MEMORY AT THE NATIONALS. I cannott attend, but please tip one back for Fred.

I had the chance to meet Fred at the Ford Round up in Orlando this last February. He was in pretty bad shape then. Going against doctors orders he brought his Bullitt to the show. As sick and exhausted as he was at the time, any time someone walked up to his car looking like they had a question, he would get out of his chair and go and answer his questions. He gave ma and the other Bullitts that were there each 3 or 4 of the Bullitt posters that he had. I bought a Bullitt briefcase and a golf shirt from him as well. He was a superguy and also the 2nd bullitt owner in FL. He truly loved his car. My thoughts go out to his lovely wife for trying so hard to make him happy and comfortable. I hope there are many prayers for the Cardone family.


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Only dealt with Fred once, but he was one of the original members here and a passionate Bullitt lover!!!
i bought a couple of Bullitt posters from him way back in the 1st few months of this site. when i got the cardboard tube in the mail, he had stuck 2 extra posters inside, just because.
he put a smile on my face that day and now i honor his memory and my smile with this post.

thank you fred for all that you did for this site, the Bullitt passion, and your fellow Bullttheads!

go with God

I never got to talk to Fred, just an email or two...

...still feels like I lost a friend!!!
I never knew of Fred, but my prayers go out to anyone that passes. Im sure he was a great guy if you all say so. He would of had to of been.
Bummer :sad:

My condolences to his family.
i do not know his family or what stage of grief they are in but if a Florida Bullitthead thinks it might be appropriate, they could let his family know of our thoughts to Fred and the family.

You guys are awesome. I will pass the message along to his family.

Thank you Dan, i hope it brings a smile to their faces to know that we remember Fred so fondly!!

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Cardone family....

Fred will be missed...God bless
I never got a chance to meet Fred in Person but I do remember him posting and he always sounded very genuine and sincere. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

God Bless!



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No problem Marty. I think it will bring some comfort. In case some of you didn't know, Fred worked at Kennedy Space Center and we are all very sad out here and will miss him very much. I had just seen him a few weeks ago when he came back to work for a short time. I thought he looked better and was on the mend. Just goes to show we have to live life to the fullest and enjoy it while we can and I think that's exactly what Fred did.

I never knew Fred but I know it's a great loss to his family and ours (BULLITT family)
We will miss you Fred and the Ray family sends it's prays to your family
We will always remember and raise a toast every year in his memory.
I didn't know Fred but my heart goes out to his family and friends.
I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cardone as well. Prayers will be sent.
Never met/talked to Fred but from what i hear/read he was a great guy that loved his bullitt. and my prayers go out to him and his family. :sad:

Dont mess w/ JOEC he's HUGE!!!
"Weeman" to most..."Nick" to Bud!
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<marquee>I NEED A BULLITT :sad:</marquee>

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