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It's a waste of time. Lengthening the runners will lower your torque peak, on our cars probably by 200 rpm or so.

They do nothing to insulate the air charge. If you do this AND block off the blazing hot exhaust gas that the EGR is dumping into the intake ( and return for a lean condition you've now introduced) you might get 5hp.

A 2-7hp claim is no gain. You can run the same car twice with no change and get that same power gain. Meaningless.

What are your goals for the car, how is it driven and why do you want more power? Is mileage a concern?
Don't look at power numbers in a vacuum.
I can easily do like most tuners and tune a car to make 15 more hp than I usually do.
The diffeence is, cars I've tuned actually drive reliably on the street and last forever. I can't say the same for other tuners.
Power numbers aren't everything.

Most people would gladly give 20hp for a car that started easier, idled smoother and stayed together no matter what abuse they threw at the car on the street.

Save your money and
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