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Interesting 4.6 build on Musclecars TV show..

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They had the great Mod engine builder, from North of Border, build an aluminum block 5.0 liter Mod engine for a 1964 Comet A/FX type street machine.
It had all the good stuff... fully ported 4V Cobra heads,cams,aftermarket rods,pistons,high dollar EFI setup to look like the old Hilborn injection setup,with the 8 stacks.
The engine dyno said...490 HP at 6800 RPM.
Now I know that thing must be in the $15,000+ range.
That's where the lack of cubic inch displacement shows itself.
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I saw that. What surprised me was that he stated it could take 4-5 hours to time the cam. I am not sure I have that type of patience. Take care ya'll...

I seen that also, that was cool Sean Hyland was doing the work. I dont know about the altered wheel base on that car, I think they should leave that in the 60s.
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