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Since the age of 12, I have had an intense interest in the subject of UFOlogy, which was sparked after reading Frank Edwards’ book FLYING SAUCERS, SERIOUS BUSINESS. This led to an interest in the investigation of subsurface anomalies, followed by a still later fascination with conspiracy research (all together, they represent the study of that which is Above, Below and Within).

I will refrain from explaining how I came to the following conclusions, as it would take an entire volume to list the various sources of information that I’ve encountered in the past 22 years. If you are interested in the original sources, I would suggest that you read The Secrets of the Mojave.

I will state however that it is my "opinion" that there are 3 "general" alien forces at work in this center of the universe. Each of these groups can be divided into sub-groups and so on, yet I will not deal with these aspects at this time.

These groupings include:
- This has been referred to by different titles. Originally having its genesis in an ancient Lyran (Vegan) alliance with the Murians and Gobians of Terra, the Federation consists of a number of colonial worlds near:

Vega Lyra

the Andromeda Constellation

the Pleiades-Hyades open clusters (and their anti-matter universe counterparts the Koldasians, Dal-ites, Timers, etc.),

Alpha Centauri

Tau Ceti

Epsilon Eridani

lumma/Ummo [Wolf 424]

and others

Mostly of human heritage, the "Federation" adheres to a strict nonintervention policy. Federation personnel apparently contacted William Shatner in the Mojave desert years before he became famous for his part in the STAR TREK series, and certain ideas from real life turned up in the "inspired" television series.

Even the STARFLEET base was fairly close - the actual Starfleet base is not in San Francisco but below the Panamint Mt. - Death Valley region to the east. This "Starfleet" does not exist a few thousand years in the future as the series suggests, but actually began about 3000 years ago when the MU-rians of ancient California [apparently in alliance with other civilizations that were advanced in astronomy, mathematics, medicine, architecture, etc., such as the Greeks, Egyptians, Mayas, and East Indians] developed aerial and space technology.

For thousands of years these "MU-SUVIANS" of the ancient Mojave region have been colonizing nearby star systems from their massive base below the Panamint Mts. of Death Valley using hyperspace propulsion. Remember that it only took 40 years for us to advance from Kitty Hawk to Hyperspace Travel [refer to the Philadelphia Experiment], so do not underestimate what can happen in a FEW THOUSAND YEARS.

The Death Valley - Panamint base is currently one of the largest and oldest Federation bases on [or within] the Earth, and consists of vast natural and artificial caverns and chambers - some of them miles in diameter - which possess differing environmental, atmospheric and gravitational conditions to accommodate the various Federation dignitaries who are always visiting the base to observe events on Earth. They are in direct opposition to the Reptilioid species operating from the "Dulce" base network centered below Northwestern New Mexico.

Some [American] Intelligence agencies such as the Navy’s "COM-12" are allied with these "Benevolent Ones" of the Federation, whereas other [Bavarian] Intelligence agencies such as the CIA-NSA "AQUARIUS" group maintains a pact with and is even largely under the control of the Reptilian Gray Empire Collective.

MJ-12 seems to be vacillating between the two extremes, and may in fact be a battleground between:

the American Constitutionals [working with the NonInterventionist Humanoids] and

the Bavarian Globalists [working for the Interventionist Reptilioids].
and, there's more!

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Goggles the mind doesn't it?

So to interpret some of it in a nut shell:

Gene Roddenberry actually stole his stories from real life experiences with aliens.

What's Tom Cruise going to say? His "Scientology aliens" are obviously nothing more than a fantasy created by Ron L. Hubbard and Gene "RodMan" has actually talked and shared beer with aliens.

Now there is proof that Gene created Star Trek from aliens, and RonL's aliens are pure fiction.
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