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I sold my 2019 earlier this year and have a lot of items and collectibles that may be of interest to Bullitt owners.
All is NEW and price includes shipping on the East side. email [email protected]

1. NEW Steda Clutch Spring Assist and the Spring Perch Kit
35lb/in manual transmission 2015 to 2019
$50.00 shipped.
Font Personal protective equipment Audio equipment Carmine Plastic
Font Material property Audio equipment Paper Gadget

2. New Blackstone oil analysis complete kit with pump.
$25.00 shipped.
Font Office supplies Material property Writing implement Handwriting
Font Newspaper Drill accessories Auto part Publication

3. NEW Green Filter High Performance Cleanable and lifetime warranty.
$55.00 shipped.
Grass Cylinder Glass Transparency Computer hardware
Font Motor vehicle Automotive tire Terrestrial plant Publication

4. 2 sided Dealer Posters 24X36, Color Photo 7X10 and 8 1/2 X 11 4 page Dealer sales Brochure.
I have 2 sets of these packaged in good mailers for protections.
$60.00 each or both for $100.00 shipped. All is excellent shape. I would have liked to mail them in their frames but can't do that shipping cost "ridiculous." These are real nice for the garage or man cave.
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle
Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Automotive tire Vehicle

5. Mecum Auction limited product #366 1968 Original Mustang sold at the auction. The book gives 13 pages of all the information of the original car. The model is 1:18 die cast and only displayed.

The other 2 die cast are 1967 Mustang GT. PLEASE NOTE I only can find the box for one of these 1967 cars. The other was never taken out of the box.
All 3 cars are the same scale and have very good detail for the money.
$110.00 shipped.
Vehicle Car Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Car
Automotive lighting Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper

6. Books and calendars most all of them purchased based on the forum AKA Tony:). Best pictures ever for owning a Bullitt. Personally the best items I have for sale here are these excellent pictures of the cars and owners in a lot of them. Very nice for any Bullitt nuts garage. And some regular old Mustang magazines.NEW
Bullittheads at 50 16 pages
Bullitt Times Extended addition #169 of 500 world wide 23 pages
Mustang Bullitt Generations 144 pages
2 each 2019 Calender HoonDog and IMBOC Best Mustangs NEW
Couple of Misc Mustang magazines of special interest articles.

$100.00 shipped all of it.
Publication World Grass Book Urban design


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I'll take pkg 4 & 5. Thx
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No Problem, take your time.
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Received in good condition.. Thanks!
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