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Yea, the newspapers really put us on the map. I've seen more auto section cover stories featuring the Bullitt than ever. I've got USA Today, Philly Inquirer, and now the Lancaster Sunday News articles. They're all similar in an uncanny way. People really picked up on us, though.

Today on two seperate occasions I was quizzed on my Bullitt by some fairly knowledgable strangers. One guy says, "Is that a real Bullitt?" (He was tooling around in an '88 LX5.0 with like a pro-street hood on it. I never did hear him fire it up.) Another guy cornered me in my lot and said he never saw one. He really wanted to check it out and seemed like he wanted to get one. Mostly, he wanted to hear me start it up. He also said that he showed one of the news articles to his 18 year old, and the kid never heard of the car or the film. He said it made him feel old! I said, "No, man, you're with it, it's your kid who's out of touch!"

It's good to get some recognition. And it's fun to see all the interest explode a full year after we got on the ride.

DHG #2095

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