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Its time for a blower.........

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now which one and cost. but more importent HP#s. I want power! and lots of it. Also which is better? inter, or , aftercooler? Can you run both at same time? Ive herd and know of one person who is running nitrous in conjunction with a t-trim blower. As allways any help is overly appreciated. Thanks

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For all out performance at the strip I would recommend lots of boost and nitrous. You are limited in how cool an after/intercooler can make the intake charge. With nitrous you can actually drop the intake charge below ambient. All of this comes with risks though, some greater than others. After/interooling bears no real high risks, although you will need to spin up the compressor higher to reach the same boost levels as without a cooler. With nitrous you will be adding fairly high risk. If you are responsible with the jetting it can be contained. I would bet a 30 shot would be sufficient to cool the intake temp to real close to ambient. The inherent issue with SC and nitrous is cylinder pressure. We already have a higher compression ratio than previous models, now add 10# of boost, now add the effects of nitrous and tuning becomes critical.

That said, I would recommend buying a built shortblock prior to starting this project. I am guessing, based on how fast you have already gone, that you will find the stock internals limits fairly quick.

You're on your way to the 10s...Yee-Haw!
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